Can you help me???

I did hide a SolidEdge Application...


Maybe "seApp.Visible = False" this code...


So I completion change to .par from .igs...


But survive the afterimage and progress


I will add file...


So can you give me a suggestion...


help me...


Posted by: gmpark
Post date: 10/17/2012 9:58:35 PM


Can you help me???


I didn't fully understood what you wanted to do.

If you would like to hide the solid app than:

application.Visible = false; //this is from my C# in VB it will be the same. make sure application is initialize.


If that didn't answer what you wanted - Please explain yourself with complete sentences.

When one reads what you wrote I can't understand what you requested..


Posted by: joseph polk
Post date: 10/18/2012 6:00:51 AM

Can you help me???

Hello gmpark,


both graphics effects unfortunately can't be suppressed as far as i know, even if SolidEdgeApplication.visible is set to false Smiley Sad


Posted by: Wolfgang Kunert
Post date: 10/18/2012 11:10:06 AM

Can you help me???

For the first one try:


[code type=vbnet]seApp.DisplayAlerts = False[/code]


For the second one try:


In Options/Helpers

Un-select "Show Pathfinder in the document view"




Posted by: Terry Tyson
Post date: 10/19/2012 9:19:46 AM