CatID for synchronous Part/Assembly


Hallo I have an addin for SE v20 and want to load it in SE ST.

If it is loaded in SE ST I don't have my menus for synchronus part and synchronous assembly.

I have defined one menu for one Catid (for the following catids):

 ' Part

    CATID_SEPart = "{26618396-09D6-11d1-BA07-080036230602}"

  ' Assembly

    CATID_SEAssembly = "{26618395-09D6-11d1-BA07-080036230602}"


But when I open a "Synchronus ISO Part" or "Synchronus ISO Assembly" I don't have any menus of my addin.

which catid do I have to use for "Synchronus ISO Part" and "Synchronus ISO Assembly"?

I can't find it in "secatids.h"





Posted by: marcus heimsoth
Post date: 11/18/2008 11:06:33 PM


RE: CatID for synchronous Part/Assembly

i just found it:


Select Case EnvCatID.ToLower


Case "{26618396-09D6-11d1-BA07-080036230602}".ToLower

'Synchronous Part

Case "{D9B0BB85-3A6C-4086-A0BB-88A1AAD57A58}".ToLower


Case "{26618395-09D6-11D1-BA07-080036230602}".ToLower

'Synchronous Assembly

Case "{2C3C2A72-3A4A-471D-98B5-E3A8CFA4A2BF}".ToLower


End Select


Posted by: marcus heimsoth
Post date: 11/19/2008 2:13:34 AM