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Changing active layer inside BlockView


Dear all.


I'm trying to delete programmatically several empty layers (Draft environment). It works fine, except when the empty layer to be deleted is the active one inside a BlockView, in which case it fails.


I've been able to access to each BlockView and, although it's possible to manipulate each element inside the BlockView (lines, circles, balloons...) and to move them from one layer to another if necessary, I haven't been able to identify the Active Layer inside the BlockView, neither to Activate programmatically inside the BlockView another layer in order to delete the empty layer (I think the problem is that I can't find any "sheet" object a "Layers" object inside the BlockView). Any suggestion about how could it be done?


Thanks in advance.




P.S.: My code so far (Visual Basic), just in case someone finds it helpful:


Set objApp = GetObject(, "SolidEdge.Application")

Set objDraft = objApp.ActiveDocument

Set objBlocks = objDraft.Blocks

	For Each objBlock In objBlocks
		Set objBlockViews = objBlock.Views
		For Each objBlockView In objBlockViews
			' change all the lines inside the BlockView
			' to the "Default Layer" layer
			Set objLines2d = objBlockView.Lines2d

			For Each objLine2d In objLines2d
			    objLine2d.Layer= "Default Layer"

Set objSheets = objDraft.Sheets

For Each objSheet In objSheets
	Set objLayers = objSheet.Layers

	For Each objLayer In objLayers
		If objLayer.IsEmpty = True Then
			' we activate the "default" layer, just in case
			' objLayer is the current active layer
			Call objSheet.Layers.Item("Default Layer").Activate
			' message error in the following line if objLayer is thr Active layer inside a BlockView, even if objLayer is empty			
			Call objLayer.Delete
		End If



Re: Changing active layer inside BlockView

Solution Partner Phenom Solution Partner Phenom
Solution Partner Phenom

If you will reply with a sample draft attachment that contains the layers\blockviews, I'll test your code.

Jason Newell
Solutions Architect