Changing "Exploded flowline style"


I'm working on a program to standardize/change some styles that are used in our company's exploded views.  I've narrowed it down to the setting under View Properties-Pictoral View>Exploded flowline style, but I'm not able to get the setting to change.

View Properties.png


I've tried to change this setting with these lines, but neither works.

        SEApp.SetGlobalParameter(SolidEdgeFramework.ApplicationGlobalConstants.seApplicationGlobalExplodedFlowLineStyle, "Flowline")
        SEApp.SetGlobalParameter(SolidEdgeFramework.ApplicationGlobalConstants.seApplicationGlobalExplodedFlowLineStyle, seDoc.LinearStyles.Item("Flowline")

 Does anyone have any experience with programatically changing styles?  Am I trying to change the wrong parameter?  


Re: Changing "Exploded flowline style"

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Siemens Valued Contributor

Looks like there is some issue with this API. Can you log an IR for this issue?




Re: Changing "Exploded flowline style"


Will do.  


Is there any documentation on the API for the ERA environment?  I haven't been able to find any information with regards to automating the exploded view process.


By the way, as a workaround, I've gone with a few lines to modify the "phantom" style that it's stuck at.  This will probably continue to work as long as nobody wants to use the phantom style for something else.

        SEdoc.LinearStyles.Item("Phantom").Color = My.Settings.Charcoal
        SEdoc.LinearStyles.Item("Phantom").DashType = "Double Chain"
        SEdoc.LinearStyles.Item("Phantom").Units = 11
        SEdoc.LinearStyles.Item("Phantom").Width = 0.0001



IR is submitted: IR 8925505

...And it's now a PR...