CheckInterference function

I am working on an Automation program utilizing SE ST2.  I am trying to have it check for interferences between 3 occurances.  I found in the SDK some information on what the parameters are and how to utilize the function.  

I am calling the function as such:flDocument.CheckInterference(2, arSupportBeams, IStatus, seInterferenceComparisonSet1vsSet2, arCBeam, False)*** arSupportBeams is an array of 2 support beam occurances ****** arCBeam is an array of just 1 C Channel beam ***

Yet, everytime I call the function, it causes SE to stop working and Windows has to close it. 

I am using SE ST2 64-bit, Win 7 64-bit, and VS 2010 (VB).  I would rather not have to create an IR with SE, but I am so far unable to find any sample code that utilizes this function (or the CheckInterference2 function).



Posted by: Chris Calvert
Post date: 6/17/2011 6:28:40 AM


RE: CheckInterference function

Found the solution on another question here in the forum from Jason Newell.  Here is the link:



Posted by: Chris Calvert
Post date: 6/20/2011 5:00:44 AM