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Clearing an undo stack in ST8, ST9...


Hi all,


I have a problem with cleaning an undo stack in SolidEdge beginning from ST8 (maybe ST7) - I need to clean the stack to avoid user to make some undo steps that can break our workflow.

In the past I used the following code, that "cleared" the undo stack:


 int i = ((SolidEdgeDocument)oDoc).UndoSteps;
 ((SolidEdgeDocument)oDoc).UndoSteps = 0;
 ((SolidEdgeDocument)oDoc).UndoSteps = i;

Note: oDoc is an active assembly document


This code now doesn't work - the lasts steps are "restored" in the undo stack when I set UndoStep property to the original count.


Do you have any idea, how can I clear the undo stack in ST8, ST9?