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Column count for Parts List


I have a macro written in that extracts parts lists from drawings and pastes the data into excel spreadsheets.

Everything works OK, but some of the smaller drawing borders have fewer columns.

This results in data being pasted at the wrong point in Excel.

I am modifying the macro to count the columns and adjust the paste point accordingly.

My first step is simply to add code to get the number of columns and display it in a message box.

This works fine and I realise that the column count includes any hidden columns.

However, the column count is showing 2 additional columns that are not part of the parts list.

The column header names for these are Component Type Order and Assembly Order.

I'm not sure if these are there by default or if a setting in our parts list properties is causing it.


Does anyone have any idea why these are being included?

HP Z420 16GB RAM
Quadro K4000
SE2019 MP5 on Windows 10 Pro 64.

Re: Column count for Parts List

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Solution Partner Phenom

Hi beachcomber,

I think the additional columns are just for sorting. They have column width 0 and are hidden. They don't show  in the user dialog.


You can use the famous Solid Edge Spy from Jason to have a quick look at the properties and also you can change the values. Don't forget to refresh the table in the SE window.




SE 2019, VS2017