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Convert Property Text

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello again,


Another question pertaining to Property Text. Since users have to either type in text for use in a Custom Property or use a check box to enable Index Referencing, I want to be able to convert a property text to plain text.


I see the calls for Updating:




Is there one to Convert Propert Text, such as:


objApp.ActiveDocument.Sheets.Item("Size - I").Balloons("Balloon 3695").ConvertPropertyText


If a custom property is defined in a draft file, and on the background sheet you have a callout (balloon) with the text "%{P/N}", for example, you cannot merely update the custom property to "%{P/N|R1}" to have it reference an Index. It just copies the text. UG Support says there is no intelligience at this level. So I thought I would have a 'dummy' string that I can 'ConvertPropertyText' on the fly and then copy that string. My other thought was to evaluate the CustomPropertyText before I end the program and convert that to a string and pass that to the visible field.


Any other ideas?




Posted by: Bill Ledbetter
Post date: 2/18/2006 1:37:04 AM