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CoordinateSystems.AddByGeometry in PART

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I'm trying to create a new coordinate system for my calculations.

CoordinateSystem AddByGeometry(CoordinateSystemFeatureConstants FirstAxisType, object FirstAxisEdgeOrFaceProxy, FeaturePropertyConstants FirstAxisDirection, CoordinateSystemFeatureConstants SecondAxisType, object SecondAxisEdgeOrFaceProxy, FeaturePropertyConstants SecondAxisDirection, object AnyEdgeToDefineOrigin = null, KeyPointType KeyPointFlags = 0, object XOffset = Type.Missing, object YOffset = Type.Missing, object ZOffset = Type.Missing);

what is the structure/object that is expected in FirstAxisEdgeOrFaceProxy & SecondAxisEdgeOrFaceProxy??

I've tried to pass it vectors yet it didn't worked. [based the vector assumption on Guy post :
link to Guy post


Posted by: joseph polk
Post date: 9/12/2012 7:00:19 AM


Re: CoordinateSystems.AddByGeometry in PART

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I believe you pass in edge objects.

Set objExtProt = objModel.ExtrudedProtrusions(1)

' Get the Edges collection

Set objEdgs = objExtProt.Edges(EdgeType:=igQueryAll)

' Get the Edges and store them in an Array

Set objEdgArr(1) = objEdgs(5)

Set objEdgArr(2) = objEdgs(8)

'Create Coordinate System Object here.

Set objCS = objCSs.AddByGeometry(seCoordSysXAxis, objEdgs(1), igLeft, seCoordSysYAxis, objEdgs(2), igRight, objEdgs(2), igKeyPointEnd, Null, Null, Null)


Posted by: R.D. Holland
Post date: 9/18/2012 3:30:41 PM