Copy .dft and associated files?

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Hi All,

I am a real newbie at both VB and Solid Edge so please go easy on me.

I have a problem i would like to automate and wondering if anyone could help. We do many drawings which are very similar consisting of only a couple of parts, an assembly and a .dft drawing. I have to copy a template set of parts, assembly and drawing using the revision manager and place them in a new directory maintaing the links between the parts but not to the template file if you know what i mean.

I would like to automate this at the click of a button using, i dont know if it matters but i am using Solid Edge V20.

Many thanks in advance if you could help me or at least point me in the right direction.


Posted by: Lee Marshall
Post date: 11/27/2009 6:10:59 PM