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Create a list containing all the faces/edges/vertices etc...



I'm pretty new to SE development. Currently implementing mini-tasks, similar to my future project requirments, in order to get more familiar with the API.


I would really be glad to receive some guidences as to which methods and api i should use to achieve my current goal.

My apologies in advance if the question is really easy, and I promise i searched throughout the forum! Smiley Happy


First, I want to take the active document in SE (.par file), and create a list with all the elements ( faces/edges/vertices etc...).

Second, I want to highlight a certain element in the list, by the tag i receive.


I get a pointer to the active doc (as SolidEdgeDocumentPtr..) no problem.

And i've read about highlightSet, highlightSet.Draw()...

Using SelectSet->AddAll causes a crash.


Any advise will help! 

Thank you