Create dimensions in assembly

Okay, so I'm designing all the parts and they are fairly elementary, but now I need to have the program draw dimensions in assembly between these parts.  I can't locate any dimension api in the AssemblyDocument.  Help?


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I actually located a useful example in the SDK documentation. (I find this surprising because most examples I found were just "get this, get this, get this, get this and you have it" without explaining what to do with "it".)


Go to the Index and select PMI object, and there we have code to create a linear dimension.


Re: Create dimensions in assembly

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Where can the landing page for Solid Edge API be found ?

Up to V20 we had a Help menu with a SE Programming item that took to the exclusive Programming local help.

I am not able to see the link to API help from the Start Page of Solid Edge.




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 c:\program files\Solid Edge ST7\SDK\sesdk.chm


 Not aware of any other resources.


More about this dimension thing.  I tried the example and it works - only if the part has an extrusion and that extrusion has the first two edges measurable with a linear dimension as specified.  I think this is the same criteria as when you try to make a Distance Between dimension interactively and you pick two intersecting lines.  Solid Edge in that case reports "The Dimension cannot be placed."


My next conundrum is how can I figure out which edge I want to use.  I suppose by checking all edges for one with a given coordinate.  It would be convenient if I could otherwise identify them.

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Thanks @AlanBaljeu