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Create hole feature coincidentalto another hole?


I regularly have holes that have more drilling features than a single holes feature will allow.  So I have to create multiple holes stacked on top of each other to create these features (i.e. - Drill with c'bore, then ream and tap)  If the user defines a hole within the part model, how do I automate the creation of subsequent holes in the previous' holes position?


How do I create a new hole using the same reference plane as the prvious, then position it coincidentally to the previous?  Thanks




Re: Create hole feature coincidentalto another hole?

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Gears Honored Contributor



  From what you have described, I can imagine the workflow as below:

  1. User creates a hole at desired location.

  2. Your automation routine takes over from there and creates three more holes, say H1, H2 and H3 at the same center as the user created hole.


  Here is an approach that I would take:

  1. Do not create the holes H1 - H3 via automation.

  2. Instead create H1, H2, H3 manually and keep them suppressed.

  3. After the user has created the hole at desired location, your automation routine will un-suppress the holes H1 - H3 and match the center with user-defined hole.

  Also any other properties required for the holes H1, H2 and H3 can be changed via the code.

  4. Unsuppressing the holes H1 - H3 is lot easier using the suppression variable which can be created using following steps:

  (4.1) Right-Click on each hole feature in the Feature PathFinder and from the context menu select 'Add Suppression Variable'. This adds a variable to the Variable Table with the same name as the Hole with a suffix of _Suppress.
  (4.2)This new suppression variable can have value of either 1 or 0 depending on which the hole feature will be suppressed or un-suppressed.
  (4.3)By accessing the Suppression Variables for the various holes from the automation routine i,e, the Part document's Variables collection, the display of the requried hole feature can be easily controlled.


Hope this works for you.