Create named view using face or sketch

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Hi all,


I need to create draftview of a part file with a specific orientation for the primary view.


This orientation is defined by a face selection in the part environnement and the creation of a sketch on top of this face.


I don't now how to set correct orientation before saving the named view.


Does someone already achieve to create named view ?


I try with :            ObjDocument.Application.StartCommand(SolidEdgeConstants.PartCommandConstants.PartViewLookatFace)


Is it possible to activate the the sketch environnement then set the named view and get out of the sketch ?


Thanks Romuald

Romuald BERTIN

Re: Create named view using face or sketch

New problem link with the first one, how do you save the orientation in a named view if the named view already exists.


The command ObjView.SaveCurrentView("Test") does not update the named view "Test" if this named view already exists.


Does anyone know how to list, delete modify named view in part files ?



Romuald BERTIN