Creating protrusions in 3D space

I currently have a program that takes 3D points and creates Splines using the Constructions.CurvesByTables. The program then creates lofted surfacse between the splines. Now I need to create a protrusion in 3D given a set of points.


Does anybody have an example of creating a plane by three points? I can't get the RefPlanes.AddBy3Points to work


Posted by: Brian Magill
Post date: 5/7/2007 6:40:16 AM


RE: Creating protrusions in 3D space

In case you haven't found it yet, C:\Program Files\Solid Edge VXX\SDK\SDKExamples.chm has some good (old) VB examples and I believe there should be one to do what you're wanting.


Posted by: Jason Newell
Post date: 5/7/2007 6:51:34 PM

RE: Creating protrusions in 3D space

The more I dig into my problem, the more I feel I have to change my approach.


As far as the example code, yes I did see and have looked through but the function to add a refplane by three points is not documented.


Thanks for your help.


Posted by: Brian Magill
Post date: 5/7/2007 11:46:02 PM

RE: Creating protrusions in 3D space


Hopefully you'll see in the attached picture two of my loft that make up my solid. Between the two loft there needs to be a straight protrusion. If I put this in using a protrusionfrom a sketch, the lofted surfaces never become part of the solid.


So, I find the closest edges and try to loft them together, but to make a loft, you need an edges collection. The only way to get one, and be able to change it's content is by using the model(1).Body, which of course doesn't exist since I'm only working with surfaces.


So, I add a fake protrusion, grab the body and now I can create the edgescollect and then create all the lofts I need. But to make it a solid, I have to remove the temporary protrusion then stitch the surfaces.


Any idea how I can remove a protrusion through code? And why doesn't the StitchSurfaces.Add() make a solid body even though I tell it to heal?


Posted by: Brian Magill
Post date: 5/9/2007 5:59:52 AM