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I started some time ago recreating my VB6 addin in VB.NET (2008). I have Visual Studio 2008 Professional.

In VB6, you could add any unknown object to the watch, and then view all its properties and methods. Without declaring the object as something specific.. But in VB.NET, I can't see a single property of an unspecified object.  It always says Children could not be evaluated. Only if I specifically declare it as something like, like dim objVariable as SolidedgeFramework.Variable, then it works.

Am I doing something wrong here? Or is this one of the other "cool" new features of .NET compared to the good ol' VB6?



Posted by: T. Jissink
Post date: 7/17/2010 2:56:31 AM


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COM programming got really difficult with .NET. No doubt VB6 spoiled us all. What you are seeing is unfortunately "Normal".


Posted by: Jason Newell
Post date: 7/21/2010 2:25:43 PM

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Thanks for your reply Jason.

Guess I can stop looking for a "fix"


Posted by: T. Jissink
Post date: 8/3/2010 1:24:41 AM