Detail envelope label canot be set with API



When detail views are created with Solid Edge API, default labels are assigned: "A" for 1st detail envelope, "B" for 2nd detail envelope and so forth.


Unfortunately, it's impossible to set custom label to detail envelope. The setter of the following property does not work:

_bstr_t SolidEdgeDraft:Smiley Very HappyetailEnvelope::Caption


At the same time, setters of the next properties work fine:

_bstr_t SolidEdgeDraft::CuttingPlane::Caption

_bstr_t SolidEdgeDraft::ViewPlane::Caption


Re: Detail envelope label canot be set with API

I can only confirm what you are seeing. Unless anyone else has something to offer, I would suggest submitting an Inicdent Report (IR) to GTAC.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect