Determining the type of document - converted SM

I am working on a program to process parts within an assembly and need to handle sheetmetal files differently than part files.  I cannot use the file extension because some parts are geometry imported from a different CAD package and converted to SM, so they have a par file extension and type of 1 (igPartDocument) - they are not recognized as igSheetMetalDocument.  However, with the part open in SE, the environment is Ordered Sheet Metal.  Any thoughts on how to handle these?  The brute force way is to look for a flatpattern collection, but I would like something a little more elegant. 






Re: Determining the type of document - converted SM

Hi Brian,

use the BodyType property of the Model object.

BUT if you have more than one model (multi body part), then it becomes tricky to find out which model to use.


Hope this helps.


VS2015, SE ST10