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DimStyle on Dimension gets disconnected on ST8 - MP10. Bug???

Hello there guys.


Not sure if this is some kind of strange bug!


I'm accessing Dimension.Style property, which leads to a DimStyle object, which is intended to hold specific dimension attributes ove general Style applied on a Dimension (also in other object types, like Balloon and so), as you can read from the docs.


The fun fact is that once I reach the DimStyle  property, saving it to a variable, it always gets "disconnected" (as I can read when debugging) after a couple of instructions. I have tried different accesing methods with the sme result. For example:


Dim objDimStyle As SolidEdgeFrameworkSupport.DimStyle
Dim objDimension As SolidEdgeFrameworkSupport.Dimension

'Code were I get dimension to work with in variable objDimension
objDimStyle = objDimension.Style 'DimStyle and its properties can be accessed here, as expected 'More code where I play with DimStyle properties If strKeepProperties IsNot Nothing AndAlso strKeepProperties.Count > 0 Then

'Once here, objDimStyle Properties seems to be disconnected, with no apparent reason!
End If

If i use Solid Edge Spy to access that property on a draft, it craches as soon as I try to read the content of DimStyle, so this seems a bug on SE. Not sure if that happens in other versions.


Am I doing something wrong??


Thanks in advanced for any help.


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Re: DimStyle on Dimension gets disconnected on ST8 - MP10. Bug???

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I reported this issue awhile back on GitHub. See Selecting DimStyle causes ST8 crash. I didn't file an IR at the time because I wasn't sure if it was just my machine and it didn't happen in ST9. It seems like an API bug to me.

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Re: DimStyle on Dimension gets disconnected on ST8 - MP10. Bug???

Many thanks, that was really useful