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Dimensioning - AddDistanceBetweenObjectsEX

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Public Function AddDistanceBetweenObjectsEX( _

   ByVal Object1 As Object, _

   ByVal x1 As Double, _

   ByVal y1 As Double, _

   ByVal z1 As Double, _

   ByVal keyPoint1 As Boolean, _

   ByVal bTangent1 As Boolean, _

   ByVal Object2 As Object, _

   ByVal x2 As Double, _

   ByVal y2 As Double, _

   ByVal z2 As Double, _

   ByVal keyPoint2 As Boolean, _

   ByVal bTangent2 As Boolean _

) As Dimension


Would anyone be able to elaborate on this and explain in a little more detail what’s required to use this function successfully, when dimensioning a drawing view of a model? To clarify, the dimensions are being created on the sheet, not in the drawing view.


From the API help, the Doubles required are ‘proximity points’, used when calculating the required keypoints. So, we pass in a DVLine2D or Circle2D as the Object1/Object2 and the x & y proximity points for the objects determine (for example) which end of the DVLine2D will be used when creating the dimension. We need only ensure that the proximity point removes any ambiguity. Is this correct? I'm not sure, because what I’ve seen is that these proximity points also appear to also be influencing the location of the dimension text. Also, depending on the location of the keypoints, it is possible to get a horizontal dimension between two keypoints, when what was required was actually a vertically oriented dimension.


In other words, the proximity points appear to be influencing dimension creation to a far greater extent than merely identifying the required keypoints.


I’ve tested extensively and through trial and error, I’m still unable to achieve a reliable dimensioning method. I need to know which points are influencing text position, dimension orientation etc. Has anyone fathomed this out?


I think a sketch of what I’m trying to explain/achieve might help. I’ll try and add to this post with more information.