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Dimensioning in Draft

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Certainly one of the least documented aspects of the SE API. Picked up quite a few useful pointers on this forum (DVLine2D.Reference being one in particular!), but having a whole world of pain with one particular thing, critical to my project.


I'm adding centrelines to the DrawingView of my model, through the DrawingView.Sheet (thanks Forum!).


Now trying to 'Dimensions.AddDistanceBetweenObjectsEX', between a DVLine2D.Reference and one of my newly created centrelines.


One end of the dimension attaches OK to the DVLine2D.Reference, but the other end of it is way out of position. It's location appears to be commensurate with where the centreline is in the View.Sheet, if that makes sense. In fact, when I select the dimension, the centreline also appears, somehwere off the Draft.Sheet. Similar to what occurrs when trying to dimensioning to a DVLine2D instead of its reference.


Any ideas where I'm going wrong? Is dimensioning between DVxxx2D and entities 'drawn in view' possible?