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Drawing Performance when moving/rotating Camera

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


Hello all together,

I'm using a special input device for moving/rotating the camera.

In general it works, but the performance is much slower than when moving the camera with the normal mouse.


The code is like this:




while (..)


















The rotation/movings are slower than with the normal pc mouse, at least with big parts.


Another big difference is, when the whole Assembly/Part is selected (blue frame), and I rotate/move it using the normal mouse, there is no flickering while moving, only one time at the end.


With the code above, the blue selection frame is flickering with each Update() in the loop. I think here is the main problem, it seems like the Update() function does more than only redrawing the scene. But I cannot find a function which does the same than the normal mouse -> just redrawing...


Can anybody help me with this topic???


Thanks in advance!





PS: I'm using ST3











Posted by: J. S.
Post date: 11/16/2011 5:53:31 AM