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Drawing scaling



i am having trouble scaling the drawing. I go to Sheet scale and change scale say 10:1 i then sketch a line and it comes out say 50mm long.I then change scale to say 20:1 and repeat.

The line still comes out the same length. ie the scaling is not being recognized. I am in ISO draft

,working drawing. any help?


Re: Drawing scaling

I'm not shure if you are in the right forum, but i'll try to answer.

The sheet has no scale property, there is only a default scale in the SheetSetup object:


All you draw on the sheet directly is 1:1

All the "magic" takes place in the DrawingViews. Here the geometry from a 3D or 2D model (1:1) is transformed by the scale of DrawingView object to the sheet.

So a line in a 2D model that is 50mm long will be displayed  on the sheet smaller, if the scale is 1:5. But when you place a dimension on the sheet to that line inside the DrawinView will show 50mm.



VS2015, SE ST10

Re: Drawing scaling

Thanks for your help. Maybe i have got this all wrong. I dont want to make a model.

all i want to do is place a part say 1000mm long x 80mm wide on the sheet.

obviously 1000mm will not fit on the sheet so i assumed i could scale it like i would do in any manual drawing.

Maybe solid edge is not for me

Thanks for help


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Re: Drawing scaling

Hi Dave,

I think this is a question for the Solid Edge Forum.

If you dont want to create a 3D model then draw your lines on the 3D Model sheet (this is allways 1:1)

Then change to the previous sheet (showing the paper borders) and use the command sketch / 2D-Model (in group Drawing views)

This creates a view to your geometry on the 2D Model on the Sheet that allows you to change scaling.


Regards Jürgen


VS2015, SE ST10