Edge bar when no document is open


I am making an addin and I need to show my .NET component in SE. When a document is open in SE, I can do it easily using the EdgeBar from SolidEdge.Community.Addin. But so far I did not find out, how to add a panel (or an edge bar) in SE when no document is open. It should be possible, because the facebook and youtube panels are visible even if all doc are closed. Could someone give me a hand? Thank you very much,



Re: Edge bar when no document is open

I've been working on the multiple EdgeBar pages within a document and just got an alpha release of my NuGet package published. By working on that, I see how we can add an EdgeBar page to the Application environment when no document is open. In my testing, not everything was working as expected so I need to spend some more time looking into it. Just wanted to let you know that it should be possible and that hopefully I'm close to getting it implemented.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect

Re: Edge bar when no document is open

I need same. I have to open a document from my edge bar without getting a new instance of the edge bar. Did you find a solution for that until now?