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EdgeBar addin not working

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
I downloaded the latest AddIns sample from GitHub, loaded the CS solution, set SolidEdge.AddIn.EdgeBar as the primary project, built everything, ran the Registration.bat under the EdgeBar project, and picked register 64bit. Started SolidEdge ST7. Opened the Add-In Manager dialog, and "CodePlex EdgeBar AddIn" is checked. The file referenced is the one I built. Loaded a part. Here the Edge Bar has the normal stuff like Feature Libary, but does not have AddInDemo as one of the tabs. Also, the debug output does not mention loading SolidEdge.AddIn.EdgeBar.dll. What's gone wrong here?
Alan Baljeu
Owner, Cornerstone Intelligent Software
Developer of custom CAD software

Re: EdgeBar addin not working

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Solution Partner Phenom



It sounds like you clicked the Download button on There is a note on the page that states that the project has moved to To avoid future confusion, I have removed the legacy downloads from the CodePlex site.


If you'll click the Download ZIP button on GitHub, you will get the absolute latest samples. Once downloaded and extracted, you can find the C# example in .\cs\SolidEdge\MyAddIn. I have also previously posted a blog with a video on how to create your own C# addin from scratch.

Jason Newell
Solutions Architect