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Excel Links Performance vs API

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Solution Partner Phenom

Can anyone comment on performance of Excel links created via Copy-Paste Link verses using the Solid Edge API?

I have a customer that has created over 1000 links and is suffering performance problems.

We are not sure exactly where the problem is. 40 minute compute time.

I wrote a script to convert all the links to VBA code in his Excel and learned that VBA has a limit of the size of any one procedure. So that was fail.

Considering other coding options but only if will help.

Anyone have input before I invest time in this?


Jason T.


Re: Excel Links Performance vs API


Hi Jason:


I can relate a closely similar case but it was quite some time back.

We had a part with about 165 links from Excel and Solid Edge would repeatedly crash.

So we quickly gave up and also skipped Excel VBA.

Wrote a program using VB 6 with just variable update calls and it worked fine even as we later scaled it up to 300+ variables including those for various other parts in the assembly.


But as I said it was a very old version of SE before the ST era.