Feature/ Dimension Capture

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HI All

How we can capture Feature or Dimension by Dimension Name using


Posted by: Yogesh Shinde
Post date: 2/20/2012 5:30:52 AM


Re: Feature/ Dimension Capture

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You could maybe do something like the bellow? I don’t know the VB equivalent however it’s both .Net and using the SolidEdgeFramework so hopefully not too different.

Someone with more knowledge may be able to point you to something more elegant.


SolidEdgeDraft.DraftDocument draft = SolidEdgeApp.Documents.Open("C:\TestArea\mydraft.dft");

SolidEdgeDraft.Sheet sheet = draft.ActiveSheet;

SolidEdgeFrameworkSupport.Dimensions dimensions =dimensions = sheet.Dimensions;

SolidEdgeFrameworkSupport.Dimension dimension = null;

for (int i = 0; i < dimensions.Count; i++)
  dimension = dimensions.Item(i+1);
  if(dimension.Name =="MyName")
    //do whatever


Posted by: A
Post date: 7/8/2012 6:31:20 AM

Re: Feature/ Dimension Capture

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In what environment? Are you talking about the variables table?


Posted by: Terry Tyson
Post date: 7/9/2012 7:13:46 AM