Feature all delete (Clean) Code?

Hi developer
I want to delete all the features created in one document at once.
So the file exists but there is nothing in it
I want to create a clean state.
I need to use API code ...
I can not find the SDK documentation.


Re: Feature all delete (Clean) Code?

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Hi @Hclee


Is that inside a Part file?

Where does that leave you after deleting all the features.

What is the functional requirement for such kind of operation ?




Re: Feature all delete (Clean) Code?

Hi~ Tushar


I freely modeled it as a Orderd Mode.
And go synchronously.
But the history is too much,
It seems to be slower.

But to create a new document and copy the part
Linking links is more cumbersome.
So I clean up the part file that is already saved and linked
I want to copy a new part.

Select and clear the history
Clear the used sketch
These tasks are cumbersome.
I want to solve it at once and use the part copy.