File path in assemblage


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Question: How in assemblage it is possible to change a detail file path if its (file) have moved to other folder?


Posted by: Dan Sa
Post date: 9/13/2010 2:43:14 AM


RE: File path in assemblage

Dear Danisan,


Use Revision Manager to change the file path.

use the following method.


>> create the object for Revision Manager Application

>> Linked Documents

>> In that Linked Documents search for Required file path

>> Replace the path

>> Update

>> Save


You can find some sample code in SolidEdge Programming Help.




Posted by: Sandeep Shewale
Post date: 9/13/2010 8:50:47 PM

RE: File path in assemblage


Thanks that have prompted where to look. The following has turned out:

    Dim objApplication As SolidEdge.RevisionManager.Interop.Application

    Dim objDocument As SolidEdge.RevisionManager.Interop.Document

    Dim objLinkedDocuments As SolidEdge.RevisionManager.Interop.LinkedDocuments

    Dim objItem As SolidEdge.RevisionManager.Interop.Document


Private Sub ..........................

        objApplication = New RevisionManager.Application

        objDocument = objApplication.Open("D:\Work\Thing\Thing.asm")

        objLinkedDocuments = objDocument.LinkedDocuments

        objItem = objLinkedDocuments.Item(i)     'Number of the necessary file

        objItem.SetPath("......")  'Specify a New path


End Sub


Posted by: Dan Sa
Post date: 9/16/2010 9:22:03 PM