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Find graphical connection of balloon? Which view?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Im working on a balloon plugin. It'll highlight (show edges hidden by other parts) a BOM item in all views, than once the item has been ballooned it'll hide all but the ballooned item. I have a working program, how-ever when I get the node.IsBallooned property from all Model Links in all view, it shows all of that item is ballooned. Here's an example:


Assembly draft with PartA; PartB; PartC. Each with different quantities of each part. So in a given view you'll have PartA:1, PartA:2, PartB:1, etc.


Once PartA is balloned it'll return like: PartA:1.IsBallooned = true, PartA:2.Isballooned = false, etc.


How-ever, PartA:1 node will show as ballooned=true in all views. So Now I need to isolate which 'PartA:1' in which view has been ballooned and know to only leave the partA:1 in that view on while hiding all other PartA:1.


I was thinking about running thru the balloons, looking for the BOM item number, and the using the balloon leader to tell me which view PartA:1 has been ballooned in, but not sure how to go from Balloon to part to view.


Anyone know a good way to find the view in which a BOM item has been ballooned in?


Posted by: David Van Doren
Post date: 8/6/2013 9:56:02 AM