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Function AddderivedConfig and a query

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I Have a question about following function:


Public Function AddDerivedConfig( _
   ByVal nConfig As Integer, _
   ByVal nZones As Integer, _
   ByVal nQueries As Integer, _
   ByRef ppsaConfigList As Variant, _
   ByRef ppsaZoneList As Variant, _
   ByRef ppsaQueryList As Variant, _
   ByVal bstrNewConfigName As String _
) As Configuration


I have a code wich creates a query of the class:

Solid Edge Assembly Type Library : Query Object


Can I use this function to create a configuration display based on this query? Or am I misinterpreting the arguments of this function?


Can I extract a queryList from the Query Object?

Thx for your help,

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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Function AddderivedConfig and a query

I've found a workaround to add the components of a query to a configuration.


The are the steps I took:

1 do a query.MatchesCount to add the components to the select set

2 use solidEdge.StartCommand to preform the show only action

3 update the configuration


Problem solved by alternative!