Get PhysicalProperties without opening Part/Assembly

I'm using the "ReportBOM" assembly Sample to create a small tool which copies all the basic info from a assembly (and all of its sub-assemblies and parts) to Excel.


In this Sample the information is gathered using SolidEdgeAssembly.Occurrences, and using it I can read all data I want except for the PhysicalProperties (I mainly need the Mass of each component/ass'y)

Is there a way to get the mass of a assembly part(/sub assy) without opening it?


Maarten Elings | Mechanical Engineer

Re: Get PhysicalProperties without opening Part/Assembly

Hello MaartenEl,

you can use the OccurrencesDocument property of the Occurrence object to acces the Part/Subassembly from the open assembly.


There is no other way to get the physical properties of these documents.


When you get an instance of a OccurrenceDocument, then the Occurrence ist activated, what means that the document is loaded to memory (open).


Regards Jürgen


VS2015, SE ST10