Getting status of Assembly Features in ST5

Hello there guys,


I'm developing an app in order to check for feature errors and warnings, both in parts and in assemblies.


Getting that info from parts is easy, since each feature object has a Status property which holds that. For example


If objExtrudedCutout.Status = SolidedgePart.FeatureStatusConstants.igFeatureFailed Then
End If

However, when dealing with features inside assemblies (cutouts, holes and so, done in assembly level), I don't know how to get the equivalent. I can access the features themselves, even the profiles used in them, but no property is supplied in order to know the status from the API, as we naturally do when inspecting the icons on the edgebar.


Is this not possible with current API or am I missing something?


Thanks in advance.






Re: Getting status of Assembly Features in ST5

Glancing through Spy for Solid Edge on an open assembly, I'm seeing the following:


AssemblyDocument -> Occurrences -> Item(x).Status = SolidEdgeAssembly.OccurrenceStatusConstants.X


AssemblyDocument -> Relations3d -> Item(x).Status = SolidEdgeAssembly.Relation3dDetailedStatusConstants.X


Do these help at all? If not, I'll keep looking.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect

Re: Getting status of Assembly Features in ST5

Thank you, but that's not what I'm looking for.


These properties control staus of the components placed into the assembly; both the components and the different relations each one has inside the assembly.


What I'm lookign for is status of modeling features found in the assemblies, which are pleace into the collection AssemblyFeatures, within the document object. Inside that collection, one can find additional collections for each of the different features allowed at assembly level, along with the features themselves inside those collections. Somethinng like this






However, none of those components has a status property in order to query info. That property can be found in the features at part level, but not here. I have studied all methods and properties available, with no success. Maybe this is not yet included in the API, at ST5.


It's strange, since automate an evaluation app which warns about modeling errors and so, seems quite an useful idea for API programming stuff.


Anyway, thanks for the interest.

Re: Getting status of Assembly Features in ST5

Anyone get this to work?

GetStatusEx Method on FilletWeld for example fails and the Status method fails as well.


Re: Getting status of Assembly Features in ST5

I tried it deeply wih no success.


I'm on ST5 however, maybe they have addressed that in ST7. From my point of view that should be an interesting info for diagnostic purposes.