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Getting the Parlist height setting

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For a tool we are developping (with ST7), we want to:

  1. Get the height of the Partlist on the drawing
  2. Change the style (Saved settings) of the Partlist (this resets the height)
  3. Set the height recorded at step 1.

We can get and set the height of a Partlist with the SolidEdgeDraft.Parlist object using these properties:

  • MaximumRows
  • MaximumRowsFirstPage
  • MaximumRowsAdditionalPages
  • MaximumHeight
  • MaximumHeightFirstPage
  • MaximumHeightAdditionalPages


The issue we have is that doing it also changes the Height setting from "Maximum number of data row" to "Maximum height":Capture.PNG

Since these two are not necessarily equivalent, is there a way to get/set the value of the Height setting via the SDK? Or is there a way to bypass the issue?


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Re: Getting the Parlist height setting



Please refer below links for Table style detials.


since in ST6, we dont have option for tablestyles "SolidEdgeFrameworkSupport.TableStyles".


i am not able to give you specific answer for you.


but if you use solidedge spy, you will get more details about "partlist details"






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Re: Getting the Parlist height setting

Hi dosti,

the table maximumxx properties are not part of the table styles, they are properties of the PartList object.

If I undestand you right, you are searching for a way to read if per height or per rows options is selected.

Reading the properties will give you the values of both and will change nothing in the table.

Writing the properties will change to either per rows or per height depending on the last written value.


I did not find a method to read the current mode, sorry.

You should create an IR for this (GTAC)


VS2015, SE ST10

Re: Getting the Parlist height setting

Thanks JB, yes I'm trying to read the current mode. I'll fill an ER as suggested.