Grouping Blocks together in list


In the Active Document tree, is there any way, from code (c#), to make blocks go into sub branches on the tree?


I am creating wire harness drawings from code and each wire is it's own block. They are not actually individually drawing from connector to connector, just going on to a sheet to themselves referencing the connects/terminators they go to.  Reason they are blocks is I am using the block properties table to store all the pertinent data from the wire. 


It really fills up the top-level of the Active Document tree.. if I could create a folder under it called Wires and add the block to it, it would be quite useful. 






Re: Grouping Blocks together in list

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instead of Blocks you could use a hirachy of groups (nested groups). Groups also have attribut sets attached.
By using a hirachy of groups you could create a top group "Wires" and create "Wire" groups for the wires below the top group.
If you use "Standard" for the SetName of the AttributeSet then the attributes are also editable in the user interface of Solid Edge. Using an other set name restricts the access to your program.


VS2015, SE ST10