Handling the .GetFormula method output

I'm curious as to the type associated with the .GetFormula method output when operating on a SolidEdgeFramework.Variables object? I tried calling the .ToString() method without success. Ultimately, I'm looking to get the current value of a dimension or variable in the Variable table in string format.


Posted by: Chris L'Esperance
Post date: 7/22/2013 7:37:02 AM


Handling the .GetFormula method output

Note that the .GetFormula method is looking for an argument of type string which is referred to in the VS2010 documentation as wcpName.


As a long shot and for lack of any brighter ideas, I tried using strings such as `Rule' or `Value' as arguments, thinking that actual column names appearing in the SE Variable Table GUI might be acceptable arguments. This doesn't appear to be the case.


I note that the expression objVariable.Value.ToString() returns a value and does not lead to a crash, where, objVariable is initially defined as


Dim objVariable As SolidEdgeFramework.variable = Nothing


and is accessed by iterating through the object returned by calling the .Query method on the variable table. The value that is printed, however, does not correspond to the value in units of inches present in the variable table corresponding to a nominal variable or dimension. I'm curious what the printed value represents?


Posted by: Chris L'Esperance
Post date: 7/22/2013 7:57:38 AM