Hi Jason,

I'm working on a VB.NET project that as for purpose to open .DFT without Solid edge on the computer. In fact i would call this a viewer. Sorry for my bad English. I try to use axSepart and to do the following code :

AxSEpartX1.PartFile = name_of_the_File

Used to work on Window Xp but on Vista it crashes. Can you give me a hind ? What can i use to programme a viewer to see DFT ? 



Posted by: Alex Gagnon
Post date: 6/23/2011 10:04:08 AM


RE: Hi Jason,

They have a draft activex control but I'm not sure how well it works in > XP.


Posted by: Jason Newell
Post date: 6/30/2011 1:59:22 AM

RE: Hi Jason,

Work well with SEDRAFTX on every computer. Still there is a problem .. sedraft can't open Dwg. Draft is only for 3d drawing.


Posted by: Alex Gagnon
Post date: 6/30/2011 2:19:42 AM