How change the material of partdocument

I have a programming to change partdocumet material,but it only can change the material name.

Set objDoc = objApp.Documents.Open(strFileName)

Set objPropertySets = objDoc.Properties

objPropertySets.Item("MechanicalModeling").Item("Material").Value = MaterialName


who can help me to sove this problem?


Posted by: zxm342500
Post date: 2/2/2013 9:28:45 PM


How change the material of partdocument

Use the ApplyMaterial command


my example:

objApp = GetObject(, "SolidEdge.Application")

objSEPart = objApp.ActiveDocument


strPropVal = lstMatl.Text

objMatTable = objApp.GetMaterialTable

objMatTable.ApplyMaterial(objSEPart, strPropVal)


Posted by: Mark Spencer
Post date: 2/4/2013 7:35:58 AM