How do i use the command "SaveAsToTeamCenter"?

Hello, i've tried to use this command to copy a item from teamcenter to another "Item ID", but nothing happens, i also tried to give a "Save As" direct to the SEEC Cache, the item is created in teamcenter, but the dataset names are with the wrong revision.


I'm using Solid Edge ST7 MP8.




Dim objListFileNames As Object = Nothing

Set objSolidEdgeTCE = objApplication.SolidEdgeTCE

Call objSolidEdgeTCE.SaveAsToTeamCenter("9999", "A", "9999/A", "Latest Working", "PEC", objListFileNames)



Re: How do i use the command "SaveAsToTeamCenter"?

I recommend that you submit an IR with GTAC. If you get an answer, please reply back to this thread and give us an update.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect