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How do you make a Command Bar?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


How do you make a command bar? By command bar, I mean the command specific tool bar that is (at least for me) located in the upper left corner of the working area. Command bars appear when a command is selected and gives the user options for that command. How does one make these? Currently I have a random floating windows form for my options thats set to 'top most', how-ever this is cumbersome at times to deal with.


Is it just a border-less windows form? How does it know where to snap within solid edge when its being dragged? How do you hide the current default command bar (pointer selection options bar) in order to show my custom command bar?


Im currently trying to make this work in the detailing environment, how-ever im sure this doesnt matter.


Thanks for any help!




Posted by: David Van Doren
Post date: 10/11/2013 9:58:52 AM