How to Retrieve Dimensions in Draftmode using

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Guys I m new to solid Edge,


How to Select a Particular view in draft mode using


How to Retrieve Dimensions of that particular selected view using


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Posted by: Aravindh R
Post date: 6/30/2011 2:02:18 AM


RE: How to Retrieve Dimensions in Draftmode using

dimensions are in sheet.dimensions collection


try this


Dim obj As Object

Dim X As Double

Dim Y As Double

Dim Z As Double

Dim ind As Integer

Dim keypoint As Boolean


For i = 1 to objSheet.Dimensions.count

Call objDimension.GetRelated(ind, obj, X, Y, Z, keypoint)

if obj.object.drawingview.index = my_view then

your code

end if



for the retrieve your selected view use the selectset propertie in




Posted by: BONNAUDET eric
Post date: 7/6/2011 11:49:55 PM