How to SaveAs a STEP file

I can click on buttons to SaveAs, and then I type in a name.STEP, and get a step file.  Programming, I read that I'm supposed to just call assy.SaveAs(stepFilePath), and I do this, and I see a progress bar pop up for saving, but I don't see a STEP file created.


Here's the log file:

Solid Edge Translation to STEP
Date: Saturday,September 19,2015 10:02PM
Output File: C:\1\1361.step 
Author: Unknown
Organization: Unknown
Source System: Solid Edge

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz
Operating System: Windows 8 Professional
Installed Memory: 31.89 GB

Software Information
Parasolid Version: 28.0.143
PSBodyShop Version: 28.0.80
Step Adapter Version: 1.0.820
Solid Edge Version: x64

STEP Export Options
Export Format: AP214
Export Construction Sheets: On
Export Construction Solids: On
Export Construction Wires: On
Export Displayed Parts Only: On
Export Units: Millimeters
Export Part Component Names As Unicode: Off

Phase 1 of 1 Translating Parasolid to foreign data types...
Translation process completed
Time required to translate:00 : 00 : 01


Re: How to SaveAs a STEP file

Just use the extension ".stp" instead of ".step" and it should work ;-)

Re: How to SaveAs a STEP file

I had the same problem since ST8. Very Important: use ".stp" in lowercase for the step file extension.