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How to add part properties to the filenames automatically in Solid Edge (ST3)

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor



I'd like to know how to make Solid Edge (ST3) to save filenames in way that takes some part of the file name from properties of the original part.




part name: Part.par (or .psm)


      Project: XX

      Document number: 1234

      Revision: AA

draft name: Part.dft

I want to save PDF drawing automatically named: XX1234AA part.pdf

(ProjectDocumentnumberRevision partname.pdf)

Another case would be saving flat files as 2d dxf files like: XX1234AA Part.dxf


It would be nice if SE would automatically suggest that kind of file name when saving PDF or DXF (or some other file types). Of course it is not wanted when saving original 3d cad files.


If anyone can help, I would be appreciated.


Best Regards, Toni


Posted by: Toni Ai
Post date: 4/19/2011 9:57:07 PM