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How to create a threaded or Tapper Hole

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor



      I need to create a threaded hole feature on a part . Now what I tried is I inserted values in the HoleData object, in the fields related to the threaded hole. But when try to see or edit the hole feature definition, Solid Edge Pops a message saying "The hole does not have a Family. " it says to edit  the Hole.txt file.

Is there a solution to this. I want to use standard holes described in Hole.txt.

There is a field in HoleData object called ThreadDataByDescription, may be that may serve the purpose but I cant figure out the strings values to be inserted in it.

This is the code is used....

Set objHolData = objDoc.HoleDataCollection.Add(igRegularHole, _



objHolData.ThreadDescription = "M5"

objHolData.ThreadDepth = 0.002

objHolData.ThreadDepthMethod = igRegularThread

objHolData.ThreadSetting = igRegularThread

objHolData.ThreadHeight = 0.002

objHolData.ThreadExternalDiameter = 0.004019

objHolData.ThreadNominalDiameter = 0.005

objHolData.ThreadMinorDiameter = 0.004134

objHolData.Units = igHoleDataUnitsMillimeters

I have attached an image to this forum..

Good bye


Posted by: Pritam Dulam
Post date: 10/20/2009 7:51:38 PM