How to determine a balloon callout's referenced hole feature


Hi everyone,


I have a callout annotation on a draft document that references a hole feature from a part. I'm trying to figure out through the API how one can find the hole data from the part document that is used to fill in the text in the balloon callout in the draft document. I'm referring to such things as hole size (%HS) and hole depth (%HD) .


I've figured out how to get to the hole data collection in the part document by taking these steps:

1) Get terminator object from balloon (returns a DVCircle2d object)

2) Get drawing view object from DVCircle2d

3) Get modelLink object from drawing view object

4) Get Part document object from modelLink object

5) Get hole data from part document


However, I don't see a way to know for sure I'm looking at the right hole data object referenced by the balloon. The only thing that I see I could use is compare the hole's diameter information with that from the DVCircle2d object but that's not a good way if you have holes of the same diameter but different depths on your part.


Any suggestions?





Posted by: Mark Nalevanko
Post date: 6/19/2009 9:12:14 AM


RE: How to determine a balloon callout's referenced hole feature


AFAIK there is no way to relate a DV* object to the corresponding feature in the part or asm file.

Maybe a circle dervied from a hole in 3d is a clear case, but you can find lines or other 2D elements in a drawing view resulting from projections, intersections, etc between one or more 3d features.

That's why i think (personally, not documented anywhere) that there is no methods exposed to relate the 2D objects with their "corresponding" 3D features.

I played in the past with modelmembers and that, the only thing you can get is the document related to the 2D object from modellink or the filename from the modelmember.





Posted by: Julian Guillo
Post date: 6/20/2009 3:56:00 AM