How to extract Material Table and Gage Table and load this on Excel Report?

Hello All,


I found that Gage values can be obtained by varaiable table.

But how to get the Material table values for SHeet Metal files?


I need to create excel report with the Material and Gage information.


Please help.




We have a sample called “Material Table Editor”. This sam...

We have a sample called “Material Table Editor”. This sample illustrates how to extract the material library from Solid Edge and populate an Excel file. You can add new materials, deleted existing entries, or modify the existing values.  The sample also has an import capability to take the contents of the Excel file and add them back into the Solid Edge material library. Note that the import will overwrite all current Solid Edge materials, so appropriate backups should be made.


This sample can be found at: “<SE install folder>\Solid Edge STxx\Custom\Material Table Editor”


I hope this is what you were looking for.


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