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How to get Tube object ?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


Hi, we are using very old version solid edge yet. V15.

And now I want to get Tube object by using "TubePtr Occurrence::GetTube ( );".

But it fails when calling this method.

Does anyone knows why ?


xxx->    Tube * pTube = pOc->GetTube();



         #pragma implementation_key(274)

         inline SolidEdgeAssembly::TubePtr SolidEdgeAssembly:ccurrence::GetTube ( ) {

              struct Tube * _result;

xxx->         _com_dispatch_method(this, 0x2e, DISPATCH_METHOD, VT_DISPATCH, (void*)&_result, NULL);

              return TubePtr(_result, false);





Posted by: Toshiyuki Hamanaka
Post date: 4/29/2011 1:47:02 AM