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How to get an existing RefPlane's width and height through the API ?


Hi all, 


I'm currently working on some app that programmatically creates RefPlanes, and I need to resize them after they are created.


For that I'm guessing I need to use the RefPlane.ResizeRefPLaneByDirDist, but for that method to work, I need to know the initial plane size in order to resize it correctly.


For example, if the plane was initially created as a 120 mm X 120 mm plane, and I need to resize it to a 100 mm X 50 mm plane, I need to pass "resize" distances of +- 10 mm in X ( i.e. (120 - 100 ) / 2 = 10 ) and +- 35 mm in Y ( i.e.  (120 - 50 ) / 2 = 35 ).


But for this to work, I really need the initial size of the ref plane, and I couldn't find any API to do this. Or as plan "B", if I could at least get the "Ref Plane Size" setting in the SolidEdge part options, that could probably work as well.


See attached image for a visual of the info I'm chansing




Jean-Marc langlois