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How to get the corresponding LabelWeldData object from AssemblyFilletWeld


In the AssemblyFilletWeld object there are properties to set TopNote1 (although they are called BaseThickness and TargetThickness). But to set anything more specific you have to use the properties of the LabelWeldData object. These are very similar to the WeldSymbol in the Draft environment.


The LabelWeldData is like a HoleData Object, the object itself knows nothing about the coresponding feature. But in regard to holes, the Hole object does have a property to get to the HoleData Object. The same seems to be missing in the AssemblyFilletWeld object. Or am I missing something?


Next unclear thing is the "Label Weld" method: If I add a weldment to an Assembly Feature (like a RevolvedProtrusion), I do not even see a way to find this Weld object itself. Only the LabelWeldData is inserted in the LabelWeldData collection.


I hope anyone can shed some light onto this issue. Thanks!!