How to identify 2D entities


HI all,

         my problem is that I need to give dimension to a part. Now, the 3D model has already been created manually. So, now I can get all 2D lines in a profile, if we consider a model of a simple cube. Now if I want ot give dimensions to my 3D model, I need to access Line2D objects and then use dimensions object to give dimensions.

    So the problem is that I can't Identify the Lines that I want to give dimension between. So is there a way to Identify them. Like we do with the variables in the variable table. Can we give a name to a Line2D object, so that it can be identified after the designing. Then it will be easy to Identify the objects and dimensions can be given..

Please help...


Posted by: Pritam Dulam
Post date: 7/9/2009 7:10:14 PM


RE: How to identify 2D entities

I have attached screen shot of the model.. I need give dimensions to the length breadth and the distance between the holes...


Posted by: Pritam Dulam
Post date: 7/10/2009 12:45:16 AM

RE: How to identify 2D entities

The simplest way is moving each line to a different layer or color, width or dashname, then you can locate them by going through the lines2d collection in the profile.

for each oLine in myProfile.Lines2D

if oLine.Layer = "myLayer" then



if oLine.Style.Color = seColorRed then




Posted by: Julian Guillo
Post date: 7/12/2009 10:35:38 PM